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Mamanera Reggae Boom Beach is back on the Lido San Basilio beach in San Foca, near Lecce, in that part of the country called by many the “Italian Jamaica”, for another summer of crazy dancehall parties under the moonlight, where the best reggae and dancehall acts will entertain a crowd made by thousands of dancehall fans until the sunlight.

After seventeen years of activity, Mamanera Reggae Boom Beach, or simply “Mamanera” is a consolidate institution for the national and international reggae massive, setting a yearly appointment on one of the most incredible beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

It’s a place that people use to call “by name” like it’s part of their family, because that’s exactly the vibe of the events: feeling like at home, a dancehall place full of Jamaican vibes talking about love, respect, culture and the best in music.

After such a long time the formula is still the same: Free music for Free people, because Mamanera is, and forever will be, a free entry place; no tickets, just come along and enjoy the vibes.

This year we’ve also a brand new stage set and a totally new PA to let you enjoy the Mamanera parties with even more entertainment, confirming the name of “temple” of reggae and dancehall music in Italy.

Resident sound: Heavy Hammer.


July 22th: Dancehall Specialists with Dj ENGLISH FIRE from Black Chiney (USA) + BAY-C from TOK (Jamaica) live

July 29th: Vibes are forever: POW POW MOVEMENT (Germany)
August 10th: The Realest Thing with ASSASSIN aka AGENT SASCO (Jamaica) live on Heavy Hammer Sound (Heavy Hammer 18th Anniversary)
August 13th: The Juggling Fire with TONY MATTERHORN (Jamaica)

August 15th: The Baddest Thing with AIDONIA (Jamaica) live
August 19th: NO TAP! Original Salento Dancehall

July 15th: Mamanera Great Opening

Heavy Hammer Sound stands alone!

 We start the 2017 edition with a night that is a regular appointment for every dancehall fans: after another year of travelling all around the globe the Italian dubmasters come back home in full crew and full effect to take over their own yard, in a dancehall party from midnight to sunlight, full of their incredible music skills.

Heavy Hammer is the Italian sound that from years represent the Italian scene all around the world, playing in parties and world-level soundclashes from Jamaica to New York, to Japan and all over Europe.

Like every year the first party is totally up to them: it’s not a simple gig, it’s a movement that comes back home to start another incredible summer of reggae and dancehall vibes: Heavy Hammer will show why they’re world recognized and mash up the beach like them alone can do.

Let’s start it: it’s Mamanera once again!

July 22nd: Dancehall Specialists

with Dj English Fire from BLACK CHINEY (USA) + BAY-C from TOK (Jamaica) live

 ”Selecting” is a form of art when it comes to play on a sound system, and for this night Heavy Hammer “selected” two of the best talents all over the world.

If you heard dancehall music in last 20 years, you know exactly what T.O.K. means: simply, they’re the most famous dancehall band ever, and you will remind the grave voice that mash up every T.O.K. song: BAY C!

Bay C is one of the best dancehall voices, full of talent as singer, deejay and producer, he’s now involved in his solo career and with T.O.K. tours as well; he will come for the first time to Mamanera to bring his slice of music and entertainment that will set the beach on fire!

Alongside Bay C, another talent will be on stage behind the turntables: known as part of one of the most loved sounds by the Mamanera massive, English Fire will be back to the Mamanera Beach once again after his long history of Mamanera sets.

Black Chiney has no need at all of introductions: the world sound & producers are the most influent sound out of the dancehall scene, matter of fact they are everywhere: from Major Lazer (with Walshy Fire) to the Grammy productions of Eminem, Rihanna, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Shakira and more (entirely produced by the Black Chiney boss Supa Dups).

Don’t be late, it’s gonna be a crazy dancehall night like no other.

 July 29th: The fire is forever

with POW POW MOVEMENT (Germany)

 Not many sounds can be considered like resident at Mamanera beach: from the whole Europe, only Pow Pow is the sound that touched the Salento hearts from day one, and it’s still the sound that people ask to hear from year to year.

The first European sound to touch the Worldclash series, Ingo, Devon and crew know exactly what to do when it comes to play at Mamanera stage, since they were here since when the stage wasn’t even a proper stage, but a table on the sand!

25 years of continuous activity, still the most booked in Europe, the only sound in Europe that is resident in the same club (Petit Prince in Cologne, Germany) every Saturday for the same time, without even one night off, Pow Pow is one of the acts that made Mamanera famous all over the globe.

We’re talking about teachers on stage, we’re talking bout a night that is already legendary!

August 5th: “In un giorno al Mamanera”

 Like last year, we won’t announce the name of the guest, but only the name of their brand new single.

It’s the most wanted Italian reggae band of the year, with thousands of fans in and outside of Italy; after being at the Verona Arena and in most of the Italian stadiums, they shouldn’t even be in a “party” like the Mamanera yard… but they will do it again!

Come early and be ready for a massive turn out, they’re coming back and it will be fire again!

Opening act: PLATA alongside Ena Ghema.

August 10th: 10 Agosto: The Realest Thing

with ASSASSIN aka AGENT SASCO (Jamaica) live on Heavy Hammer Sound

(Heavy Hammer 18th Anniversary)

 It’s the night of the falling stars, where everyone from Salento sets his eyes to the sky and waits to see them… and like every year it’s the night to celebrate our resident sound!

Yes they’re getting old, 18th years, 11 as music directors of the Mamanera Beach, but somehow they still feel young…. Since they’re the biggest fans of this music they gonna celebrate their 18th anniversary of unfinished dancehall business with one of their most favorite artist!

Ladies and gentlemen, for the very first time Mamanera staff, alongside Heavy Hammer, is proud to bring on the Mamanera stage one of the most powerful, incredible, and legendary voices of the dancehall music from Kingston, Jamaica: ASSASSIN a.k.a. AGENT SASCO!!!

With his brand new album Theory of Reggaetivity and his incredible and unfinished set of reggae and dancehall hits, Sasco is ready for a concert in sound system style that will write a new page of the Italian music history book.

Every dancehall fan will NEVER miss the 10th of august in Mamanera, it’s not a date, it’s a family party with few thousands of friends and a night that nobody wants to end…. come early!!!

August 13th: The Juggling Fire

with TONY MATTERHORN (Jamaica)

Tony is not really felt from Kingston Jamaica anymore, because when it comes to Salento people they feel like Tony is from south Italy too.

He’s able to connect with the Mamanera crowd in such an authentic way that he looks resident at the beach, and that’s the reason why we book him so often!

Even when Raffa has to book a new artist that doesn’t know what Mamanera is, he will just say “ask Matterhorn about it” and the booking is already confirmed!

Tony Matterhorn is the undisputed king of dancehall acts in sound system way: the most booked selector in the world will be back to Mamanera to bring his vibe from Kingston Jamaica and set the place on fire!

The first time he came to Salento he said “it’s like fully loaded in Jamaica” and that’s the vibe he brings back every time!

It’s gonna be fire, and you know why!

August 15th: The Baddest Thing

with AIDONIA (Jamaica) live

This is the 17th year of activity of Mamanera, and no, we wouldn’t ever leave Assassin alone on the line up!

Mamanera staff and Heavy Hammer are proud to introduce to you, for the very first time on the Mamanera Beach, from Kingston, Jamaica: AIDONIA!!!!

Sheldon Aitana Ricardo Lawrence aka Aidonia is one of the most representative artistes of last generation of dancehall music alongside Vybz Kartel and Movado, everyone born under the Bounty Killer “Alliance” musical direction.

With his incredible catalogue of hits from 2003, Aidonia doesn’t need any introduction: he’s one of the most dangerous dancehall artistes of the entire Jamaica, one of those who you can’t believe to see on the Mamanera stage!

Come early and make it a date, the “Ferragosto” in Mamanera will be the hottest night of the year for real!



Original Salento Dancehall

 We call this dance by name, it’s like a lady that we love, and there’s even a song totally made for her that says “Bedda preparate stasira c’è na festa…”.

Like every year, we close the season bringing back the original vibes, the original hottest mics, the two residents sounds from Salento that made Mamanera grow up for 17 years.

Don’t expect to see a name in these lines: it’s a Revolution Dance, against who want to sell out this land to interests that are not really the people will.

It’s a dance made by explicit lyrics, heavy basslines, where generations of reggae massive pay their tribute to a place that is a symbol of the history, and the future of Salento and his sons and daughters.

Fight for your rights, it’s Mamanera once again!