Known internationally for the depth of their dubplate box, their innovative way to approach reggae soundclashes and dancehall shows, the Italian dubplate masters better known as Heavy Hammer Sound consists of a team of DJs and MCs who travels the globe playing reggae, dancehall and hip hop music.

Established in 1999 in a small city near Lecce in Salento, an hot area of south Italy called by many “the Italian Jamaica”, the formula was born as four friends united by the love for reggae dancehall music and Jamaican culture, a sound system, and some crazy dancehall parties in front of the sea until sunlight.

In these years Heavy Hammer Sound has constantly toured the whole world, including all main European countries, United Kingdom, USA, Jamaica and Japan, including multiple performances in all biggest European reggae festivals.

Heavy Hammer is also the resident sound in the biggest Italian summer yard, the world famous Mamanera Beach in S. Foca near Lecce, where the legendary parties on the beach during the summer season are usually attended by about 5000 people, while they share the turntables with the best names in the reggae business worldwide playing reggae music until the morning lights.
The Mamanera Beach unique phenomenon has been described by a dedicated documentary, available on YouTube at:

The Heavy Hammer crew is now made by eight members: Raffa, Gecky, Gigi, Quasta, Lep, Boris, Lele and Charly.

More than a decade in the business, collaborations with the most important reggae artists and worldwide selectors, hundreds of dancehalls and stages, as well as the unique dubplate box are the elements that give to the Heavy Hammer’s shows something exclusive that can’t be easily repeated.
The dubplate masters from Italy are ready anytime to mash up your party!


Heavy Hammer will be the only European sound to represent the old continent next august the 8th in St. Ann, Jamaica, at the annual Soundfest, the Bass Odyssey anniversary festival.

Heavy Hammer will be also the resident sound alongside Lampa Dread from Onelove HP at Rototom Sunsplash 2015, the biggest European reggae festival.


In 2007 the crew wins his first official dubplate clash “One Shot One King”, killing in Rome the Rome-based Love Massive in front of 1200 people, becoming quickly one of the most dangerous Italian sound killers.

Few years later in 2010, the crew touches down in Stuttgart, Germany, to win the trophy of World War 3 Soundclash, a strictly dubplate war against Deebuzz from Germany, Captain C (ex Mighty Crown selector) from Japan, and Ruffpack from Switzerland.

Few months later they represent Italy in the Riddim Clash 2010, the European n.1 international soundclash that take place in Dusseldorf, Germany, alongside sounds like City Lock from Germany, Guiding Star from France, Rootsman from Canada, Poison Dart from Antigua and Blunt Posse from New York; after winning all rounds Heavy Hammer brings for the first time the Riddim Clash trophy to Italy killing Blunt Posse in the dub fi dub segment, earning the world fame.

During 2011 and 2012 the crew has travelled the world to represent Italy and Europe in sound wars. They started joining in the world temple known as Amazura in New York, the world clash called Sound Fi Dead 2011 alongside sounds like Bass Odyssey, Black Cat, Synemax and Tek 9; after a strong performance the crew wins the second round and then end up at the dub fi dub with Bass Odyssey placing at the 2nd place in their very first clash in New York. Just a week later they come back to Europe in a one-to-one clash in Wuppertal, Germany, against the Florida’s notorious Poison Dart

Few months Later, in April 2012, they join the Irish&chin World Clash R.E.S.E.T. at Pier 1 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, to face sounds like Killamanjaro, Bass Odyssey, Black Blunt, Black Cat, Code Red from Jamaica and Rootsman from Canada. Even if that’s the first time the Hammers touch down the Jamaican island they conquer the third place, giving up only after a well discussed 4th round with Bass Odyssey and Killamanjaro.

It’s not over yet; during summertime Heavy Hammer flies to Japan for the Japan Soundclash Tour – the 1st one ever by a European sound – for 10 days of soundclashes and dubplate showcases winning every show, from Osaka to Fukuoka, Yokohama, Okayama, Hyogo and many more places.

The 2012 ends with the performance at Global Clash 2012 in Brooklyn, New York, where the sound faces off King Addies, Soul Supreme, Risky Dice from Japan, King Klepto from Canada and Madd Squadd from Jamaica.

The 2014 sees Heavy Hammer back in the arena representing Europe in the UK Cup 2014 clash on 19th of April in London, UK, alongside King Addies, Bass Odyssey, Fire Links, the 2013 worldclash winner Metromedia from Jamdown, Jahman Nuclear and Little Sample out UK.
After a stunning performance of 5 rounds the Italians killers give up in the dub fi dub after a big discussed Bass Odyssey performance, leaving a huge impact in the UK massive and “something to sekkle” between the two sounds in the final, that made the massive talking for weeks after the clash.

On March 2015 Heavy Hammer is booked to represent Europe at Sound Fi Dead 2015 in the Bronx, New York, alongside Bass Odyssey, Riddim Force, Camouflage and Kosmik Movements from the United States.
The clash stopped at the end of the third round, when the host couldn’t decide between Heavy Hammer or Bass Odyssey to be eliminated, basing on people votes. After about 30 minutes of stop and many controversies the clash has been reset to zero by a 5 minutes round, that left Bass Odyssey and Riddim Force in a tune fi tune that didn’t really take place due to the Riddim Force leaving after the first two dubs, declaring Sound fi Dead 2015 one of the most controversy soundclash in the sound system history.

2018 is the year of the come back in the European soundclash arena. On March Heavy Hammer takes part in the War Ina East 2018 Soundclash against Warrior Sound (Germany). After a stunning performance, Heavy Hammer wins the clash with a straight lock off 4-0, which will never be forgotten in the soundclash history, because of the originality and the strength that the crew put in this clash.
On December Heavy Hammer reaches one of the most important soundclash stages of the world, the Soundclash At Sea. During the clash, held in the most exclusive Marley’s Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise in the Caribbean Sea, the crew eliminated Bass Odyssey and Renaissance from Jamaica and nearly killed Tony Matterhorn in the dub fi dub, literally shocking the crowd of the cruise.